Our COACTION grants lead to increased housing options and vibrant commercial corridors within our geographic focus areas.

Twin Cities LISC focuses its role and resources on three priorities for creating and sustaining healthy, vibrant communities where all can prosper:  1) affordable housing and the built environment, 2) economic development,and income and wealth building, and 3) neighborhood vibrancy and community health. The 2016-2017 COACTION program is LISC’s key effort to advance
innovative community-based work addressing these priorities.

LISC uses a three-pronged approach. In addition to grantmaking, our approach includes:

Technical Assistance
All of our partnerships begin with a determination of where partners are, and the creation of a work plan that identifies how they will advance their goals during the grant cycle. Technical assistance is provided primarily through one-on-one meetings with the partners. This provides space for authentic relationship building that results in more creative idea generation and effective troubleshooting.

Peer Networks
We believe that all of us are smarter than any one of us and that no one knows more about the work we do than our partners.  LISC creates the conditions necessary for our community-based organizational partners to meet regularly as a peer network where we can all learn from one another, share experiences, and pursue mutually reinforcing activities that can benefit specific geographies and communities as well as the broader community as a whole.

The 2016-2017 COACTION program includes three cohorts:

Affordable Housing Production & Preservation
Through a combination of innovative financing strategies, partnerships and transaction models, we will increase the production and preservation of affordable housing across the region by a net increase of 500 units annually.

Vacant Property Reclamation
We aim to reduce the number of vacant single family homes and lots in North and South Minneapolis and St. Paul's East Side and Frogtown/Rondo/Aurora St. Anthony neighborhoods, with an emphasis on continuing neighborhood stabilization work and aggressively providing opportunities for both wealth-building and influence for neighborhood residents of color and minority-owned businesses.

Creative Placemaking in Cultural Corridors
We support arts and culturally based strategies to attract, strengthen, and enhance business opportunities, real estate development, and vibrancy in key commercial corridors.

2016-17 COACTION grantees

Affordable Housing Production & Preservation
Alliance Housing
Beacon Interfaith
Project for Pride in Living

Vacant Properties Reclamation
American Indian CDC
City of Lakes Community Land Trust/NeighborWorks Home Partners
Community Stabilization Project
Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services
Hope Community
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
University of Minnesota Foundation
Urban Homeworks

Creative Placemaking in Commercial Corridors
West Broadway Coalition
Lake Street Council
Latino Economic Development Center
Pangea World Theater
Aurora St. Anthony NDC
Model Cities
Dayton's Bluff Community Council

Results of our 2013 to 2015 COACTION grants are shown in the infographic below.

Coaction infographic